The 14th International Conference on Culture Collections (ICCC-14)

Join us at ICCC 14 - The 14th International Culture Collections Conference

In Singapore, from 17 to 22 July 2017.

  1. A great opportunity to attend two major conferences at once!
  2. ICCC-14 is organised jointly with IUMS 2017.
  3. It is located at the same venue and will use the same facilities as IUMS.

The IUMS 2017 Conference and the 14th International Conference of Culture Collections will take place at the same great venue with joint events.

The ICCC14 will run in parallel sessions to the IUMS programme.

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Programme of ICCC14

At Step "Congress", under Service Booking - Congress tick box "CCC14 - The 14th International Culture Collections Conference".

Why such common venue and common organisation?

WFCC is a federation within the structure of IUMS. WFCC brings together infrastructures providing microbiological material and related data of consistent quality.

Reinforcing cumulative research is a common goal of IUMS and WFCC. Therefore we decided to have joint events in Singapore to increase dialogue and foster collaboration between different fields of microbiology.

The programme of ICCC14 will meet the concerns of both scientific societies, providing for more dialogue opportunities and giving the WFCC members the opportunity to show their support & research activities as provided by microbial culture collections.

Looking forward to meeting you in Singapore.