Nomenclature and Phylogeny

Bacterial Nomenclature up-to-date Searchable index of valid bacterial names (DSMZ, Germany)

Dictionary of the Fungi Systematic Arrangement of Genera from 8th Edition of the Dictionary of the Fungi (CABI Bioscience)

List of bacterial names with standing in nomenclature compiled by J. P. Euzeby (ENVT, France)

Index Nominum Genericorum - Plantarum (the Smithsonian Institution, USA)

Quinone Database Database of quinone systems in Gramnegative bacteria and ubiquinones systems in filamentous fungi

Retrieval of unified taxonomy database (maintained by NCBI: the retrieval system is developed by DDBJ)

Ribosomal Database Project II

Species 2000: Indexing the world's known species

Taxonomy and nomenclature information (BIOSIS, UK)

Taxonomy of Fungi in Glomales (West Virginia University, US)

The NCBI Taxonomy Homepage

The Phylogeny of Life (University of California, Berkeley)

The Universal Virus Database, ICTVdB (Columbia University, US)

Tree of Life

TRITON: Taxonomy Resource & Index To Organism Names (BIOSIS)